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Mental Health Week promotes wellbeing

Mental Health Week 2017 takes place from October 9-14. The World Health Organisation’s theme for World Mental Health Day on October 10 is Mental Health in the Workplace.

This week is a great opportunity for individuals, workplaces and communities to bring awareness to and highlight mental health and wellbeing where you work, rest and play.

Mental Health Ireland, a national voluntary organisation, will be promoting The Five Ways to Wellbeing throughout Mental Health Week culminating in the 5,000 Steps to Wellbeing Walk on October 14 at 2pm in UCD’s Belfield Campus in Dublin.

The Five Ways to Wellbeing are simple actions you can do in your everyday life to feel good and function well: Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give.

A number of other events will take place at venues across the country. 



Life with No Limits fundraising campaign

Enable Ireland’s ‘Life With No Limits’ campaign runs until October 14. The public can support the charity’s services for over 5,500 children and adults with disabilities by purchasing wristbands, trolley discs or balloons from Enable Ireland charity shops, TK Maxx stores and volunteer sellers nationwide.  

Séan Nelson (10) is a Life with No Limits champion. He was born with Spina Bifida and is a wheelchair user. He recently completed his first triathalon. His mum, Sharon, explains: “Through his involvement in wheelchair sports, Séan has seen first-hand how that needn’t be a barrier to participating fully in life. His ambition now is to represent Ireland in the Paralympics.” 

Funds raised through the campaign will assist the organisation to maintain and build its services, such as the new Children’s Service Centre planned in Cork and the refurbishment of the Hydrotherapy Pool in Dublin. 

For more call 1850 204 304 or email


Top tips for fussy toddlers: It is perfectly normal for toddlers to go through their ‘fussy eating phase’ at some stage. Mealtimes can become a bit of a nightmare for you and your toddler, with lots of tantrums and frustration. Fortunately, most toddlers grow out of their fussy eating phase and normal mealtimes are eventually restored. Here are some tips from First 1000 Days:

Offer your toddler a variety of foods and tastes.

  • Praise your toddler when they finish their meal or try a new food.
  • Include them in food preparation and food shopping.
  • Make meal times more fun using colourful plates, having a picnic, or having dinner outside.
  • Eat together as a family and make mealtimes relaxed, happy occasions.
  • Remove uneaten food without comment.
  • Don’t force-feed your toddler as they will eat according to their appetite.