Childrens Corner

Decorate your hand-made pencil sharpener holder

Getting ready to go back to school can take some getting used to after a long and leisurely summer of long sleep ins and playing outside until dark. But there’s plenty to look forward to such as seeing all your friends more often, making new friends, and learning new things.

And when you’ve got brand-new accessories and stationary you’ll be excited about jumping right in and using them.

This recycled tic tac box makes a brilliant pencil sharpener holder. We all know how messy pencil cases can get when you sharpen your pencil at your desk instead of over the bin. This holder will save you from going over to the bin during lessons, and will keep your pencil case clean and tidy.

Decorate them whatever way you want; as your favourite animal or favourite food.  To make this foxy one you will need: 

  • one empty tic tac box, 
  • one plastic pencil sharpener, 
  • strong glue, 
  • A4 sheets of orange and white card,
  • scissors,
  • ruler, 
  • pencil, 
  • glue stick.

Remove the lid from the tic tac box and glue the pencil sharpener to the inside of the lid near the opening. The opening of the pencil sharpener should touch the opening of the box. Leave to dry overnight.


Before you start decorating the pencil sharpener holder, use the tic tac box as a guide for measuring. 

Take a sheet of orange card and place it down on the work surface in front of you. Place the tic tac box on top of the card, and with a pencil, mark near the top and bottom of the box.

Draw a straight line with the ruler from one end of the card to the other and cut this strip off.

Dab the edges with glue and then wrap this all around the tic tac box.

To make the head and tail, again use the box as a guide for getting the size right. Cut a triangle from the orange card and the white card. Glue the white cheeks to the fox’s face.

Snip off the sides of the white card, curving the scissors to make the fox cheeks.

Draw the tail on the orange card and cut out. Repeat this step on the white card but only cut off the end of the tail. Glue this to the orange card.

Glue the head and tail onto the box and then use a black felt tip pen to draw eyes and a nose.