A Daily Dose of Faith for Harassed Mothers
The Catholic Mom's Prayer Companion. A Book of Daily Devotion, edited by Lisa Hendey and Sarah A. Reinhard (Ave Maria Press, $16.95; available online)

There cannot be these days a more harassed set of people than the Catholic mothers of the world. This book is as the title suggests, of North American origin. That said many will find this an excellent book as a sort of daily breviary. It  provides a piece for every day of the year: a scriptural quotation, a reflection on this by various writers, finished off by a thought to ponder during the day. The prayers are of the short, simplest, most moving kind: such as Make me a saint Lord. One person at a time; or Lord, help us to keep our eyes on you and leave the doing to you as we wait for a glorious surprise ending. In all it is a warm, human, and spiritual little book.