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Calvary as a reflection on ‘post...

I went to see John Michael McDonagh’s new film Calvary at

The invisible presence on that State...

The Catholic Church was notably absent

The transcript of our trial

In every moral choice, we stand with Pilate

Unveiling a new look

A new look The Irish Catholic 125 years on

What the new cardinals tell us about...

Michael Kelly assesses the Pope's recent 'red hat' choices

Renewal is happening in a thousand ways

Many parishes give reason for optimism

Review of Murphy Report makes for...

A new review of the 2009 Murphy Report in to the handling

Picturing an inclusive Church

Dear Editor, I was interested to read David Quinn’s piece ‘

Authority guarantees unity in the Church

Dear Editor, I do hope that Fr Gabriel Daly’s attack on

Silencing discussion on women priests

Dear Editor, An article (IC 28/11/13), regarding women

Catholics, faith and the 'Francis...

Dear Editor, Regarding ‘The Francis effect bringing people

Family and Lifestyle
Catholic Dating in your 30s

Don't let fear or excuses hold you back

Offering pilgrims a place of rest

Fr Owen McEneaney is the new prior of Lough Derg

Discovering God through story and play

Godly Play is a catechetical programme for children

Handling family conflict within marriage

Setting boundaries, clear communication and getting closure...

The true meaning of Easter

Easter falls on April 20

Easter is about celebrating new life

The real meaning of Holy Week

An Easter basket full of surprises

You can use the basket to collect eggs in an Easter egg...

A unique card for Mother’s Day

Mothering Sunday is on March 30

It’s never too late to learn to pray

There are many distractions for young people trying to pray

Time for change

Your children getting married means readjusting family...

Life's Little Things

Children become our watchdogs and keep us on our toes

The Holy Spirit is God's gift to us

Confirmation offers parishes the opportunity to embrace the...

There's nothing sweet about the effects...

A diet high in sugar has many adverse effects

Eating the natural way to look your best

‘Clean eating’ emphasises whole, natural foods and regular...

Too much of a good thing could be bad...

Too much fruit could be troublesome

Counting those pesky calories

Consuming more calories than we need leads to weight gain

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