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A painful and hurtful road to peacemaker

Lives could have been saved if Paisley’s ‘yes’ had come

The last of the great demagogues

We should give thanks for Ian Paisley’s conversion, says Fr

The preacher who found a natural...

Straight talk was heard on RTÉ’s The Marian Finucane Show

The mysteries of Jesus' hidden life

The hidden life at Nazareth allows everyone to enter into

Unveiling a new look

A new look The Irish Catholic 125 years on

What the new cardinals tell us about...

Michael Kelly assesses the Pope's recent 'red hat' choices

Renewal is happening in a thousand ways

Many parishes give reason for optimism

Review of Murphy Report makes for...

A new review of the 2009 Murphy Report in to the handling

Picturing an inclusive Church

Dear Editor, I was interested to read David Quinn’s piece ‘

Authority guarantees unity in the Church

Dear Editor, I do hope that Fr Gabriel Daly’s attack on

Silencing discussion on women priests

Dear Editor, An article (IC 28/11/13), regarding women

Catholics, faith and the 'Francis...

Dear Editor, Regarding ‘The Francis effect bringing people

Family and Lifestyle
Sharing a rich prayer life

Anne Keeling meets members of the largest branch of Lay...

The sharing of our common humanity

Sr Lilianne Flavin OP writes about her work with women in...

Preparing for third level education

Alexandra Keery gives some tips on getting ready for...

Making the most of summer berries

As summer comes to an end so do the last of the summer...

Celebrating the feast of the Sacred...

A look at an important feast day

Activities to fill the summer days

Start planning how you'll spend the summer months

Two reasons for weekend celebrations

A day for father figures

Make the most of strawberry season

Tasty recipes to try

Being a young gay Catholic in 21st...

Gay Catholics don't exist in the abstract, we are there in...

A return to radical Chritianity

If there is one thing that attracts a young person it is...

Lourdes- a life-changing experience

The 'extraordinary' impact of Lourdes

There's just something about Mary

Mary's motherly care strengthens faith

Daily activity is essential to your...

Being sedentary most of the day isn't going to do your...

It's time to see eggs as a key health...

Eggs are often demonised by modern-day diet fads and...

Ten simple steps for healthy eating

Autumn is a chance to renew resolutions made in January

Stocking up on essential supplements

Have you been thinking of adding some supplements to your...

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